MyBolus 2.0

MyBolus™ 2.0 is an amazing breakthrough patented product that allows the creation of individualized insulin dosages by taking into account the fact that everyone’s metabolism is different.


  • Easy to use, MyBolus takes the guess off insulin dosage calculation by determining a real carbohydrate ratio for every single meal based on how you react to insulin.
  • Access MyBolus wherever & whenever – with just a few touches on the screen MyBolus calculates the best insulin dosage EVERYTIME for you to achieve your goal.
  • We all age, we all gain or lose weight – that leads to insulin dosage going nuts. But with a few touches on the screen MyBolus updates your current data and you are BACK AT YOUR BEST!
  • MyBolus even calculates the best fast-acting amount of glucose to be taken during a low blood sugar episode – no more go low, than high because you took too much glucose.
  • With just a few touches on the screen you will go from 1 or 2 “guessed” carb ratios to over 50,000 carb ratios that will give “insulin dosage calculation” a new meaning: an EFFECTIVE meaning.

How to achieve maximum control?

Order MyBolus!

Order MyBolus!

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